SmartEdge Data Centres

True Ultra-Low Latency sub-millisecond Edge Data Centres


SmartEdge Data Centres is deploying a Mesh of 100 Edge Data Centres throughout the UK.


SmartEdge Data Centres will be  erecting powered and fibre connected 5G enabling  mobile telephone masts  at  selected SmartEdge data centre sites allowing  mobile operators to install equipment directly to the Edge.

SmartEdge Data Centres is deploying a Mesh Network of 100 Edge Data Centres with 6.3MW of power in the UK. The first 100 Edge Data Centres will be located in the top 100 Towns and Cities with the highest populations. Our aim is to increase our locations to cover the top 300 Towns and Cities to bring the Edge to the majority of the population of the UK. SmartEdge Data Centres intend to expand in Europe starting in Germany, France, Italy and Spain with a similar number of locations in each country.


SmartEdge Data Centres will bring enhanced Wholesale multi-tenant data centres to the Edge of the Networks with each customer having their own dedicated secured sole access locked enclosures within full facilities managed sites and also offer full IT Managed Services as a total wrapped Edge Data Centre Solution if required. Our SmartEdge data centre Total Edge Solution facilitates the Hyper-Scale industry ,Telco’s , 5G , IoT , AI , AR ,VR,  Mobile tower Operators , CDNs and Edge Clouds.

What We Do

What is the SmartEdge

 The True Edge of the Networks Data Processing Data Centres

    • Each SmartEdge Data Centre is a physical building with B1/B8 Planning Consent constructed and approved in compliance with current UK Building Regulations. Service connections include water and electrical power supply from a regional DNO to the National Grid Electrical Network.
    • Each SmartEdge DC has full facilities management provided..
    • We offer electrical power capabilities in nominal 15kW increments starting at 15kW, then 30kW, 45kW, up to 60kW. Included within our enhanced wholesale model with every 15kW of capacity taken, we provide a nominal 15kW Micro DC from leading industry vendors or the equivalent cash payback contribution, should the client wish to configure their own preferred equipment solution.
    • Each SmartEdge DC has a one hour resilient back up electrical supply equal to the incoming utility mains supply to the Data Centre.
    • The physical security of a SmartEdge Data Centre comprises of 24/7 manned external CCTV with remote controlled access, connected to on the ground private security and local Police department facilities. Internal access and security is via a strictly controlled and verified personnel only remote controlled mantrap. Manned 24/7 CCTV, infra-red motion detectors, PIR lighting, and fire and smoke detection.
    • Within this secure inner hall, each 15kW Micro Data Centre is housed inside a purpose-built sole occupancy 80ft² (7.4m²) Secure Containment System (SCS) manufactured from 3mm thick steel. A pair of 180° hinged double access doors give unimpeded access to equipment and are secured both with external manual three-point locking, and internal remotely controlled mag locks for extra security.
    • Internal lighting, and radiant thermostatically controlled back up heating protects IT equipment in non-operational conditions. Service connection consisting of three phase 15kW landlord’s utility electrical power supply and Ethernet. Blank glanding plate provision to accommodate secure pipe and cable transits to and from the SCS. Adequate suitable physical space provision is available for location of the final heat rejection plant.
    • The 15kW Micro Data Centre within the SCS has a nominal 9kW ITE capacity. It is equipped with security locks to the 42U ITE enclosure, power distribution via UPS/BBU and remotely monitored and switched rPDU’s, internal security camera, lighting, gas flood fire suppression, and a DX cooling system including the internal evaporator and external remote condenser. Where applicable potential heat recapture and re-use can significantly impact the carbon footprint of edge facilities. Data monitoring/control outputs are available for use within client’s own management and support software and/or if required the option for on-going monitoring and support functions can be provided via our strategic partners at extra cost.
    • These multi-layers of physical security supported by active 24/7 monitoring provide a much greater level of security than is currently being provided by unmanned edge of the network solution offerings, commensurate with that of large-scale conventional data centres. Further enhancement can be achieved by customer models based upon a fully integrated mesh of multiple local edge facilities.
    • Selected SmartEdge data centre sites will incorporate a 5G enabled mobile Telco Cell network mast with the Telco equipment secure inside the data centre connected to power and fibre and an Edge DC
    • Each single client of SmartEdge can reach 85% of the UKs population as an Ultra-Low Latency Data service operating from100 separate locations with a combined minimum Edge compute power of 1500kW at comparable costs to a Wholesale Colocation large scale data centre resulting in reduction in band width costs and electricity use that lower Co2 emissions and carbon footprint.
    • 83% of the UKs population live in a Urbanisation with 17% living in a rural location . The majority of rural habitations are within a 40 mile radius of a local Town or City .
    • The first 100 SmartEdge DCs are located within 5 mile radius of 55% of the UK population , 70% within 20 miles radius and 85% within 40 mile radius .
    • Each SmartEdge DC has designated or carrier neutral Ethernet connectivity and can be part of a local Edge Mesh.
    • Each SmartEdge DC has a connected electricity supply of 69kW to 419kW.
    • It is our policy to encourage the internet industry to achieve the highest standards of energy efficient infra-structure therefor SmartEdge DC endeavours to use waste heat capture technology in our Edge data centres with waste heat being used as a heat source for a local user/community project.
    • Your Edge deployment should and will contribute to your corporate responsibility in reducing your Co2 emissions.
    • Work from home due to the Covid19 pandemic has shown that our present internet infra-structure has been placed under great stress to deliver a reliable high speed service across the UK with high peak time use causing congestion on the metropolitan fibre networks.
    • 5G technology will reduce mast to receiver latency to 1 millisecond compared to 40 millisecond on 4G and increase data flow rates by a factor of 100.
    • Distributed data processing via the Edge is the key to unlocking the huge potential commercial opportunities that this technology offers.
    • SmartEdge DC services give you all of this at no extra costs to what you have now , so why wouldn’t you ?

Virtual On Premise

  • Reducing the distance that data is transmitted.
  • The SmartEdge solution will greatly reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Taking data processing close to where data is created hence massively,
  • Reducing the energy consumed in sending data to the cloud and back for technology.
  • Processing and Reduce bandwidth costs,
  • Heat Capture and reuse of the energy that is used in the processing of data.
  • A lot of data does not need to be sent to a remote cloud on the other side of the world.
  • SmartEdge DCs distributed Edge Data centre model combines heat capture and storage,
  • The heat captured is then recycled into public benefit community projects at  a local level where our SmartEdge micro data centres are located.


The Hidden consequence


ITC and the internet within the UK emits the same amout of Co2 into the atmosphere through electricity comsumtiom   as the whole of the Airline Industry within the UK.. Research by Dr Mike Hazas of the School of Computing & Communications at Lancaster University has revealed that 10% of the UK’s electricity is consumed by the use of the Internet.


This is broken down by use to: –

  • 5% is consumed by electronic devised connected to the internet
  • 3% is consumed in the transfer sending and receiving of data
  • 2% is consumed in the processing and storing of data in Data Centres.

For every 1kW of electricity used in Data Processing, 1kw of heat is generated and in over 99% of the worlds Data Centres this heat is vented and dispersed to atmosphere. 5G and the internet of Things will increase the demand for electricity by the Internet at an exponential rate within the near future.

This in turn will create problems in electricity generation to match demand as increase demand will come from de-carboning our environment as we move away from fossil fuels.



Some of this increase can be mitigated by the Intelligent use of electricity energy due to Edge Computing. Edge Computing will shorten the distances that data needs to be sent and received by processing data at “ the Edge “  instead of sending data huge distances to remote “Cloud “centres for processing resulting in significantly lowering bandwidth cost and Co2 emissions.

Local micro data centres can be located where waste heat capture can be used by a second application hence negating the need for that application to consume energy from another source. This waste heat could be used to supply heat and hot water to the Elderly and other vulnerable members of our society , supply heat and hot water to Schools , public swimming pools and other public benefit situations

Smart Edge

  • Data processing at the Edge
  • Secure urban locations
  • Excellent fiver optic connectivity
  • Scale up or down as required.
  • Over 1,000 locations in Uk

E-PoP Edge Gateways

  • Edge gateway pops
  • Multiple modular points of presence
  • Distributed data processing
  • Just in time deployment model
  • Vendor natural


Environment & Climate Change 

The SmartEdge solution will greatly reduce your carbon footprint by taking data processing close to where data is created hence massively reducing the energy consumed in sending data to the cloud and back for processing . A lot of this data does not even need to go to a remote cloud on the other side of the world, full stop.

Europes 1st Ultra-Low Latency Sub-Millisecond True EDGE Gateway

Reducing the distance that data is transmitted. Heat Capture and reuse of the energy that is used in the processing of data. The SmartEdge solution will greatly reduce your carbon footprint. 

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