Europe’s 1st Sub-Millisecond Edge Gateway Data Centre Company

SmartEdge DC has developed a Data Centre Model  that will address the vital missing component to enable True Edge Computing. The True Edge is a location that allows edge application technologies to located at the “edge of the networks “ “ the First Mile “ with Ultra-Low Latency sub one millisecond two way transmission , processing and analytic capabilities.

 SmartEdge DC E-POPs sites are distributed throughout the Uk at strategic sites where waste heat capture and re-use by the local community is at the heart of model. Starting in 2020 in the 100 towns and Cities withing the regions of the UK where 85% of the population reside , SmartEdge DC E_POPs will deliver Ultra-Low Latency data processing and delivery

As the take up and need for local Edge data processing and content delivery demand increases, SmartEdge DC will expand their network of E-POPs throughout the whole of the Uk for maximum coverage..

Customers can also rent a “Powered Site “and populate with their preferred supplier of a modular micro data centre. SmartEdge DC partners with Schneider as a preferred supplier of modular Data Centres. These products range from a 20ft – 13 rack modular micro Edge data centre down to a half rack.

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