VOP (Virtual On Premise) Defination

VOP or Virtual On-Premise is a new distributed micro data centre model that brings the collection, processing and analytics closer to the customer without actually being on the customer site. It is virtually on premise. It can be an individual or multi tenant environment, with many benefits versus on site edge computing. This vastly reduces the impact of fire, accidental collision and human intervention, thus decreasing the risk of downtime.

The key is locating the devices as near to the consumer as possible to provide that virtual on-premise (VOP) experience. The Smart Edge data centres have a last-mile radius to guarantee low latency, high-speed connectivity for all users, commercial and residential. At the edge of this radius, users overlap with another location and the data is handed off to the stronger signal, similar to how mobile calls are handled now. The VOP location has several advantages over traditional on-premise installations, as well as public ccloud,